“ When your local public television station airs The Last Boat Out this spring, watch it. I hope... it drives viewers to take action to help Save the Bay. …the film reveals the … fiercely independent nature of the watermen, and the difficult future they face as the Bay’s once bountiful seafood harvests dwindle and blue-collar, working waterfronts are displaced by pleasure-boat  marinas and upscale condos…” (READ MORE)

-- Chuck Epes, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation 

"…(the film) can help us bring about real social change regarding issues of water quality along the Chesapeake Bay watershed…The Last Boat Out creates awareness of the environmental and social challenges of the Chesapeake Bay."
-- Members of the Congressional Water Caucus

“(The film is) right on target. Every emotion the watermen in the film feel, I have felt. Every decision they struggle with, I have struggled with. They’re in a tough, tough spot.”

-- Tommy Leggett, CBF Oyster Restoration & Fisheries Scientist and working waterman

"This is the story about a few people in a tough spot.  It's vivid and personal.  Very directly, it opens up the bigger stories, of the
collapse of the Chesapeake's shellfisheries, and our generally
irresponsible management of the once-rich resources of the sea.  

I'm glad I was asked to be part of it."

-- Sam Waterston, Actor and Activist

"The Last Boat Out" can inspire us to learn what simple actions we can take to help our glorious estuary. The first action would be to watch "The Last Boat Out." Spend a half-hour with the Withrow family on the Taylor Rae. It is television that will enlighten you.

--  Wendy Rieger, NBC 

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